Durerea osteochondrozei în scapula dreaptă

• Upward rotation of the scapula and rotates the glenoid cavity cranially. OVERVIEW Muscle Test Group: Rhomboid major, rhomboid minor, levator scapulae. • Holds the medial border of the scapula firmly against the rib cage. In rare conditions it has the potential to lead to limited functional activity in the upper extremity to which it is adjacent. Osteochondroma is a cartilage- covered bony excrescence that arises from the surface of a bone. Durerea osteochondrozei în scapula dreaptă. This projection can be performed erect or. • Upper fibers may slightly elevate the scapula. The classic etiopathology of scapular winging are injuries to the spinal accessory or long thoracic nerves resulting respectively in trapezius and serratus anterior palsy. Loss of serratus anterior muscle function Loss of trapezius muscle function Weakness of all the scapula stabilisers Loss of the scapular suspensory mechanism Winging secondary to instability Winging secondary to pain Brachial Plexus injury. The lateral aspect of the acromion partly overlies the rotator cuff. It is the most common benign bone tumor in the scapula and can also present as multiple masses in multiple hereditary exostosis. It moves forwards round the chest when the arm is abducted. Aug 23, · Winged scapula is defined as the prominence of the medial border of the scapula. A Broken Shoulder: Scapula Fracture. The scapula AP view is a specialized projection of the scapular bone, performed in conjunction with the lateral scapular view. Scapula fractures are uncommon, making up about 3% - 5% of all shoulder fractures.
Nov 28, · The scapula has several important osseous features, including the acromion, coracoid process, spine, and glenoid fossa. Key Points: • Rhomboids and levator scapulae are tested together as a muscle group. The acromion serves as a lever arm for the deltoid and articulates with the lateral end of the clavicle at the acromioclavicular joint.
• Lower fibers may depress the scapula. A winged scapula ( scapula alata) is a skeletal medical condition in which the shoulder blade, or shoulder bone, protrudes from a person’ s back in an abnormal position. Osteochondroma as a cause of scapular winging in an adolescent: a case report and review. • This muscle group is responsible for adduction, elevation, and downward rotation of the scapula.

Abduction ( protraction) of the scapula. Scapula fractures occur in the shoulder bone and cause severe pain, bruising, and weakness in the shoulder. The inferior angle of the scapula is the lowest part of the scapula and is covered by the latissimus dorsi muscle.

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